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Photovoltaic Manufacturing Equipment

Photovoltaic wet bench System

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Photovoltaic Manufacturing Equipment
For the photovoltaic / solar industry, we provide a full range of products which serve the great breadth of current research & development and production requirements. This includes versatile manual wet stations for early development of break-through silicon, CIS-thin-film and Silicon/GaAs technologies, as well as fully automated large batch processing systems for mainstream production applications. Thus, customers have the ability to enter production with the same processing technology as they developed their products on.
    Supported PV applications:
    • Polysilicon filament prep
    • Chunk / slab polysilicon reprocessing prep
    • Crushed / pelletized polysilicon metal mitigation
    • Saw damage etching
    • Wafer texturing
    • Wafer cleaning
    • Oxide etching & stripping
    • Pattern develop
    • Silicon feature etch (acidic or caustic)
    • Resist strip

Many of our innovative customer solutions include unique fixtures required to handle substrates that are of uncommon size, shape, rigidity, weight, and/or material, or which must be compatible with physical changes that occur during the wet process. Substrates which we have designed unique solutions for include: elements of up to 3,000mm in length, lenses of 1,200 pounds in weight, crushed material of 1mm grain size and flexible metal panels of <0.007” thickness.


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