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Wafer Clean Fully Automated System

wet benches fully auto

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MODEL: wafer-clean-Fully-Automated
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Eagle™ A – Full-Auto Linear Wet System
A fully-automatic, fully-enclosed, exhausted work station for production applications where process control, repeatability, throughput and safety are required. The operator loads single or multiple batches of product into the system’s Input Buffer.  The system’s linear robot automatically picks up batches in sequence, processes them sequentially and automatically on a pre-programmed basis through one or more chemical and rinse baths, then through a drying system, returning them to an Output Buffer after processing is completed. (Note: If desirable, the Input and Output Buffers may be in the same location.) The system features full “Multi-Tasking” capability which allows multiple batches of product to be processed simultaneously through the system, providing maximum throughput per square foot of factory space. Multi-tasking capability includes scheduling software developed for each specific tool that provides the system intelligence necessary to be able to concurrently process multiple bathes when process times in each bath may not be balanced, and/or when batch recipes vary. Multi-tasking also includes many additional sensors and fixtures required to allow the robot to precisely and consistently place and pick the carriers used for the customer’s product, and to sense locations of such carriers throughout the system.
The system supports full wet chemical processing though its design features, and by using only construction materials that are compatible with strong acids, bases and solvents, as appropriate. System can be configured to provide virtually all types of chemical processing and rinse process baths, including various plastics, stainless steel and quartz, static or recirculated, ambient or temperature-controlled, open, covered or reflux, and with the additional options of ultrasonic or megasonic energy, as well as electrostatic potential for plating, etching or polishing, and with agitation capability. The system also supports all popular drying technologies, including surface gradient (a.k.a modified surface tension, IPA, Marangoni) drying. Additional options include recirculators / chillers / heat exchanger, concentration monitor and ozonation systems. System control is via PC/PLC controller with color touch screen and full PC-based recipe and data management capability. Eagle™ A  systems are available in lengths, widths and depths necessary to support the specific configuration of the customer’s product, as well as chemical and rinse baths, dry chambers and I/O ports required to meet the intended process application.

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