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Helpful Process Information

E-Beam, SEM & Maskmaking

  • Overview of Maskmaking at SNF
  • Maskmaking for Academic Researchers (SUNet ID)
  • Making Transparency Masks
  • Electron Beam Lithography Resist Processing
  • Nikon Reticle Alignment Marks
  • Contact Mask Alignment Marks
  • Karl Suss Vacuum Chuck Drawing (for backside maskmaking)
  • Karl Suss Alignment Mark Vernier Scale Drawings (PDF format)
  • ASML Image Field (1X-Clear in GDSII, Dark in GDSII or Dark in Tanner DB.)

    Optical Photolithography

  • Overview of Photolithography Tools
  • List of Available Photoresists
  • Shipley 3612 Photoresist
  • SPR220 Photoresist
  • Polyimide Photoresist
  • Electron Beam Photoresists
  • Lift-off Processing
  • Photoresist for Implant Processing
  • Wafer Backside Protection w/Photoresist
  • Edge Bead Removal Mask Processing
  • Photoresist Exposure Time Table
  • Manual Coating Procedures
  • Manual Developing Procedures
  • Image Reversal Processing
  • Processing Clear (Glass, Quartz, Sapphire) Substrates
  • Maskmaking

    Chemical Vapor Deposition

  • Tylan Recipe Index

    Metallization & Sputtering

  • Comparison of Sputter Systems

    Dry Etching

  • Overview
  • Nitride Plasma Etch
  • Oxide Plasma Etch
  • Polysilicon Plasma Etch
  • Annealing, Oxidation & Doping

  • Tylan Recipe Index
  • Oxide Thickness Calculator

    Wet Processing

  • Wet Etch Rates of Selected SNF Films
  • Wet Etch Rates in Standard Etchants

    Wet Oxide Etch:
  • Non-metal Wafers (wbnonmetal)
  • Wafers with Standard Metals (wbmetal)
  • Non-standard Materials (wbgeneral)
  • Use of Triton X-100 (wbnonmetal, wbmetal & wbgeneral only

    Wet Bench Clean Procedures:

  • Photoresist Strip Procedures
  • Non-Standard Metal Wafer Clean (wbgeneral only)
  • Standard Prediffusion Clean Overview (procedures at specific wet benches: wbdiff, wbgeneral, wbsilicide)
  • Standard Metal Clean Overview (wet bench-specific procedures: wbmetal, wbgeneral)
  • Standard Pre-LPCVD or Pre-Metal Clean Overview (wet-bench-specific procedures: wbdiff, wbgeneral, wbsilicide)
  • Tweezer Clean Procedures

    Other Non-Standard Wet Bench Processes
    (wbgeneral only):
  • KOH Etching of Silicon
  • Decontamination following KOH Etch
  • Non-standard Nitride Strip
  • TMAH Etching of Silicon

    In-Line Process Characterization Tools

  • Summary of tool capabilities

    Process Quals: Procedures and Trends

    Process Characterization Studies

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