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Filtered Etch Bath

Filtered Etch Bath

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Temperature range from 0º to 165º C with various types of temperature control. Amerimade's PF Series baths are designed for cleanliness. The solution is pumped directly from the filter to the inner tank where the wafers are located. It then travels over the temperature control loop to the pump and filter. This system filters the acid 4 to 6 times per minute. Available in: Polypropylene, PVDF, Teflon and Stainless Steel. The filter bath may be completely insulated for extremely high or low temperature, and a secondary containment shell is available. Other options include: flow sensor, flow control valve, liquid level sensor, and secondary over-temperature shut-off device.

  • Configurable to meet freeboard regulations

  • Capable of processing cassettes of  800mm substrates

  • Can be easily integrated into most wet benches


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