Design capabilities

Can Amerimade design fixtures or racks to hold my product / substrate or medical device? 

Yes, we will review your needs and propose a solution. Our engineering team is very knowledgeable with the design, features and construction of many product fixtures and racks, i.e. custom size holders, fixture with wafer sealing (backside/frontside), making electrical contact with your part and software control to verify contact has been made.

Can Amerimade build prototype parts?

In most cases Amerimade can produce prototypes using our state of the art automated prototype machine. A drawing would be created and than downloaded to the prototype unit to start the run / build.

What if I have a unusual part or substrate to process?

We can review your part/substrate and propose a solution, Our systems can handle substrates beyond 450mm wafer.

How about SEMI S2, CE or 3rd. party electrical inspections?

Yes, Amerimade uses SEMI S2, NFPA, NEC, as guidelines when manufacturing equipment. Amerimade can provide a quotation for any inspection reports you may require. Amerimade Technology guarantees our systems will pass a 3rd. party electrical inspection.