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Amerimade Technology Inc. vision is to be your wet processing equipment manufacturer of choice. We will accomplish this goal by offering our customer superior products and service, keeping up with the latest technology, while offering competitive rates. By backing all of our equipment with a full warranty and offering customers personal design, installation, start-up, training, and service. By fostering a team spirit among our employees, encouraging open communication, idea sharing, innovation, design, and creativity to provide a positive work environment for a more productive workforce and quality products.

Quality Driven
We have a full wet bench acceptance / test area and a demonstration lab area with operating process systems
We've been manufacturing equipment since 1922
We have an install base of over 5000 units
Leading manufacturer of fully automated, semi-automated and manual wet benches, fume hoods, plating systems, bulk chemical delivery systems.
Semiconductors, Life Science, MEMS, Energy, Aerospace, Defense, LED, Opto Electronics, Medical Device, Neuro Science, Plating, Etching
More Products
Cleaning, Stripping, Surface Treatment, Custom configured Processes, Custom Fixturing, Cathodes/Anodes

Design Capabilities

We will review your needs and propose a solution

Our engineering team is very knowledgeable with the design, features and construction of many product fixtures and racks, i.e. custom size holders, fixture with wafer sealing (backside/frontside), making electrical contact with your part and software control to verify contact has been made.